1K Vertical Davos

Exactly 1000 meters above Davos.

1K Vertical Davos

The event is canceled!

1K Vertical Davos 2017 is canceled!

Unfortunately, also in 2017 the 1K Vertical Davos will not take place.

We did not find the time and people to be able to organize the race with the same quality and commitment to our participants

We can't be certain if the race will be back in 2018, however, if you would be interested in helping next year or if you do have suggestions

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards
Team 1K Vertical

The next 1K Vertical Davos

not know yet

The trail

1000 hm from Bolgen Plaza till Jakobshorn


What you can expect




Height difference




Max height


All you need to know


The start location is at Bolgen Plaza. Here you will find the information stand and all information you will need.
Address: Restaurant Bolgen Plaza, Skistrasse 26, 7270 Davos Platz


The finish location is at the top of Jakobshorn.
Runners will have to run their way up there, supporters can take the lift : )
You won't be able to drive up there
Address: Davos Klosters Mountains, Geschäftsstelle Jakobshorn, 7270 Davos Platz


For only 15 CHF Supporters can purchase a return ticket and will be able to travel to the half way station at Jschalp and the top of Jakobshorn where they can cheer for the athletes.


Participation in the 1K Vertical Davos includes:

  • A beatifull, but strenuous trail on Jakobshorn.
  • A bibnumber with chip for time registration.
  • Online results, certificate and pictures on the same day.
  • Energy drinks, water and nutrition half way (Jschalp) and at the top.
  • A great atmosphere and pasta party

Time registration

Time registration will be done with RFID.
Each participant will receive a chip attached to the startnumber you will receive at the registration office at Bolgen Plaza.


  • 1K Verical with buffet: CHF 54
  • 1K Vertical: CHF 39
  • Lift and buffet: CHF 34
  • Lift: CHF 19
  • Last Minute Price +5 CHF

Bib number

You will not receive your bibnumber by post, you will receive it at the registration office in the start area between 15:00 and 17:00.


There are prices for the number 1, 2 and 3 in the following categories:

  • Junior Ladies (Born 1997 or younger)
  • junior Men (Born 1997 or younger)
  • Senior Ladies
  • Senior Men


You are allowed to use sticks.
It is advicable to wear proper trail shoes.
You will start on forest roads but end on rocks
. You are allowed to run barefoot, but it is not advicable..


In mountain areas weather conditions can change rapidly. It may be that you run in scorching sun, but it could also give some snow. Therefore you should take the right clothes with you for extrem hot and extrem cold conditions. We will give you an update about the weather a couple of days before the race


We will be able to bring your properties and cloths to the finisharea. Or you can deposit your properties in the start area, it's up to you. Check the weather updates and think about what you will need at the top when you get there (Of course you can also give your properties to your supporters)


In case you are not able to participate due to injuries, illness or simply bad luck, you can transfer your registration to another athlete, just inform us about it. Or we can cancel your registration, but will have to charge you 10CHF
No changes and refunds are possible after August 1st..


  • 15:00 Registration opened
  • 16:45 Breefing
  • 17:00 Start
  • 17:43 First finisher
  • 18:45 Price ceremony
  • 19:00 Buffet opened

Get inspired from our last year's race

1K Vertical Davos 2015


We are very happy to have such great partners

Destination Davos Klosters

Is supportung us in our marketing

Bergrestaurant Jschalp

Is providing us a perfect spot for the 1st drinkpost

Panorama restaurant Sunpeak

Is the most beautifull finish location

Results 2015

Full results

  • Men

    Rank Name Time
    1Gion-Andrea Bundi0:43:05
    2Dominik Meier0:45:59
    3Stefan Sulser0:46:13
  • Women

    Rank Name Time
    1Seraina Boner0:47:41
    2Masako Ishida0:53:38
    3Franziska Etter0:56:17
  • Men junior

    Rank Name Time
    1Arno Lietha0:50:37
    2Patrick Perreten0:53:16
    3Alessandro Cadalbert0:53:38
  • Women junior

    Rank Name Time
    1Lea Meier01:04:38
    2Ladina Rauch01:05:18
    3Tanja Egli01:13:30

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